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About us

B&M Logistica Internacional is an international and independent Freight Forwarder/NVOCC, founded in Santa Catarina state, Brazil, in 1.999.

We have as main goals agility and quality in our services. For us, the personalized service is not a privilege of the client, but rather, a need for those who works on foreign trade.

Nowadays B&M has a large structure, covering the main Brazilian ports and airports, through its branches and agents’ network.

Our history

In 1999

B&M was founded in Santa Catarina, with the purpose of being a differentiated option within the Brazilian freight forwarder market;

In 2001

We opened our branch in Curitiba / PR;

In 2002

B&M joined the WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and, with this, expanded its network of agents and international partners;

In 2003

B&M was elected agent of the year by WCA at a conference held in Bangkok and joined Atlas Network;

In 2004

Awarded by Atlas Network, in Kuala Lumpur, as the best agent of the year;

In 2006

B&M opened its branch in São Paulo and started its air cargo division;

In 2010

B&M opened its branch in Rio de Janeiro;

In 2011

Recognized by WCA, in Ho Chi Min, as the best Latin American agent, in an election held among members of IGLN;

In 2012

B&M opened its Cargo Project department and was welcomed by WCA Projects; Recognized by WCA, in Bangkok, as the best Latin American agent, in an election held among WCA members from all over the world, and started the Tank Containers department, earning a great national and international demand;

In 2013

B&M was recognized by WCA, in Bangkok, as the best Latin American agent, in an election held among members of WCA Inter Global from all over the world, and changing its headquarters to a new, large and modern HQ in Itajaí - Santa Catarina;

In 2014

The Campinas -São Paulo branch is opened, where the Viracopos airport (VCP) is located;

In 2015

B&M was recognized at a WCA Conference in Hong Kong as the best Latin American agent in an election held among members from around the world;

In 2017

The expansion of B&M's headquarters in Itajaí begins, tripling its physical area;

Em 2018

Elected by members of the WCA as the best Project Cargo agent in the world.

Em 2019

Passing of B&M founder Mr. Renato Bini. Launch of the pharmaceutical cargo department.

Em 2020

Internationally certified with GDP "Good Distribution Practices" for pharmaceutical and medical related cargoes.


Our mission is to provide logistical services with a high level of quality. We want to make each customer feel unique and within a pleasant business environment. We plan to always be ahead, offering the best services to our customers and employees.


In 5 years, to be a Brazilian reference in the international logistics market, through accelerated growth and permanent innovations.



Passion in serving our clients.


Respect for people and the environment.


Strive for excellence in the execution of any task, under collaborative environments.

Continuous evolution and constant improvement.



Our location

We are present in several states in Brazil, but we offer services and support to customers all around the world.

Itajaí - Matriz
Rua João Mello, 35 - Centro
Itajaí/SC - Brasil CEP: 88302-004
Telefone: (47) 2103-5555
São Bento do Sul - Filial
Rua Henrique Schwarz, 61, Edificio Leo Frantz - sala 26 - 1° andar - Centro
São Bento do Sul/SC - Brasil CEP: 89280-118
Telefone: (47) 3224-0058
Curitiba - Filial
Rua Santa Catarina, 65 - Sala 801-A
Água Verde - Curitiba/PR - Brasil CEP: 80620-100
Telefone: (41) 3208-5800
São José dos Pinhais - Filial
Rua Tenente Djalma Dutra, 1205 Sala 02 - Centro
São José dos Pinhais/PR - Brasil CEP: 83005-360
Telefone: (41) 3283-2680
Campinas - Filial
Av. Dr. José Bonifácio Coutinho Nogueira, 150 Térreo
Campinas/SP - Brasil CEP: 13091-611
Telefone: (19) 3578-1207
São Paulo - Filial
Rua Edward Joseph, 122 - Sala 87 Morumbi
São Paulo/SP - Brasil CEP: 05709-020
Telefone: (11) 3589-9429
Santos - Filial
Av. Senador Feijó, 686 - 6º Andar CJ 623 - The Blue Office Mall Vila Mathias
Santos/SP - Brasil CEP: 11015-504
Telefone: (13) 3234-0061
Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos ( GRU ) - Filial
Av. Hélio Schmidt, s/n, 3° andar - sala 3.04 TECA - Terminal de cargas exportação
Guarulhos/SP - Brasil CEP: 07141-900
Telefone: (11) 97568-5161 Nextel: 13*5665
Rio de Janeiro - Filial
Rua Desembargador Isidro, 18 Sala 811 - Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brasil 20521-160
Telefone: (21) 3449-3745

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